Other Devices and Looking Ahead

A new technology called Bluetooth Low Energy® is being introduced in late 2010. Bluetooth Low Energy® will make it possible to have Bluetooth® technology in just about anything. Using Bluetooth Low Energy®, a Bluetooth® chip will be able to run on a watch battery for up to a year or more. This means that can keep track of more than just cell phones.

OlderSibling will be able to follow the locations of watches, ID cards, sneakers with embedded Bluetooth microchips, or almost anything else. Imagine keeping track of your children or elderly parents using a bracelet and few mouse clicks. Or tracking employees as they come and go from the office using a Bluetooth® enable ID card.

As our development advances, we are designing our software to run on cell phone platforms. This will allow cell phones to track and find everyday items (like my fricken car keys) that have Bluetooth® chips in them.

It's a brave new world. The possibilities are all at once intruiging, scary, and possibly reassuring. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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