Hi, I'm Kelly. is a Bluetooth® tracking system. It allows users to follow the locations of Bluetooth® microchips, like the ones in cell phones.

The nice thing about this service is that I can see the minute my son arrives at his grandparents' house, or I can have OlderSibling send me a text when he gets there.

All I need is a Bluetooth® enabled device, (in this case, his cell phone) and a computer running OlderSibling software (his grandparents computer). Plus, only my husband and I can see his location, so I don't have to worry about our privacy being intruded upon.

Some other things you may want to know about OlderSibling:
  • All of our services are 100% free and can be run on devices you probably already own.
  • We don't sell or distribute your data to any third parties.
  • Our software won't slow down your computer and it isn't malware or malicious in any way.

When you sign up to, you can enter the ID of your Bluetooth® chip from your phone (which we can automatically find for you). If you then signup your home computer to be a locator, you can go to our website and see the times when you were at home. This may not be so interesting to you. But you may want to know what time your teenage daughter got home last night, or when your spouse left for work. You can find this out at any time by going to our website.

When our software runs on your computer, it is a compact program that runs unnoticeably in the background without effecting the performance of your machine. It also doesn't collect any information other than what you have specified on our website. And because our software runs on your computer, you don't need a high end phone or GPS or any apps. OlderSibling can track the Bluetooth® chip in your phone or any other device. (While cell phones are the most ubiquitous examples of devices that are enabled with Bluetooth, their are many other examples.)

How OlderSibling works

When you sign up for OlderSibling, your Bluetooth® device ID is detected and recorded. To find your location, computers equipped with OlderSibling software constantly send out a signal looking for any Bluetooth® signals in the surrounding area. If a signal is found, and if that Bluetooth® device has been signed up, the location will be recorded (as the device owner's location). Friends of that person will be shown that the person was "seen" at the location of the computer. To be an OlderSibling location, all you need is a Bluetooth® enabled computer. The software is free.

Since OlderSibling uses Bluetooth® technology, OlderSibling will only detect devices that have their Bluetooth® signals turned on. If you don't want to be located, merely turn off your cell phone's (or other device's) Bluetooth® signal.

By having the OlderSibling software on a computer rather than a cell phone, there is no software that needs to be downloaded to your phone. Your phone doesn't need GPS service or need to be a smart phone. Any phone with Bluetooth® capability works. And as we mentioned, OlderSibling works with anything that has a Bluetooth® chip, from your phone's earpiece to Bluetooth® enabled necklaces or watches.

Receive text messages

OlderSibling also provides the ability to receive text messages about your friends' movements. Find out when your husband arrived at work, or what time your sister got home . (Note: While OlderSibling does not charge you to send the messages, your cell carrier may.)


By signing up you are letting your friends see your location. You should be careful you trust each and every one of your friends since OlderSibling could leave you vulnerable to stalkers, creeps, and all around bad people.

Lastly, while OlderSibling tries to be as accurate as possible, it is not failsafe. We attempt to make all locations exact, but the locations are either estimates or entered by humans. Either way they are subject to falability or deceit. Locations of mobile devices are estimated from Wifi signals, GPS when available, the IP addresses of the computers, or the address given during signup. All of these methods can be faked or inaccurate. (We don't know how to fake them but somebody probably does.) So remember, don't divorce your husband because of what we show as his location. Instead, divorce him because he's a jerk.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at, and I'll get back to you as soon as I finish sifting through all of the spam.

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